• We have been developing MTS-RSB using oracle & web-based applications to function as an integrated business solution incorporating an enhanced service suite for the purpose of streamlining fixed telephone network maintenance and repair activities allowing efficient automated handling of reported customers' complaints and other various related network management activities. The system scales up with the continued increase of subscribers’ numbers, variety of switching equipment and access technologies.
  • MTS-RSB provides comprehensive technical support for operation and control. The system also supports functional interconnectivity among its subsystems. MTS-RSB is a user friendly software that provides no room for error  even by  the ordinary  user. The system is composed of a main network that retains all access networks’ related data (copper, fiber, pair-gain, wireless). A database is built accordingly using MTS’ Service Order & Provisioning module (SO&P) to record failures on MTS Fault Management System (MTS-FMS) screens. MTS-Workflow Control( MTS-WFC), then  takes the appropriate action for repair, otherwise, it can be repaired manually.
  • MTS-RSB has been operating successfully since 2003 as Telecom Egypt’s Operational Support System (OSS) supporting one of the largest databases in the Middle East as it services over 15 million subscribers. The system replaced the old operation management system deployed in earlier phases. Further, the system was upgraded several times. 

The system include following sub-modules:

  • Trouble ticketing system Network
  • Inventory system
  • Quality of service system
  • WFM(work force management) system
  • WFC(Work flow control)