MTS IT has been implementing a series of successful turnkey projects in Egypt and Sudan as briefed as follows:
Telecom Egypt has been our client since 1991 till present time
Telecom Egypt Software License Agreement

MTS IT has been granting Telecom Egypt Non-Exclusive license for the Use of MTS-RSB V.2 Software Products (Operation & Support OSS System). Agreement has become effective since 8/11/2007

MTS RSB System Version V.2
Has achieved Oracle Exadata Optimized
& Oracle Exalogic Optimized Certification

Oracle Exastack program enables Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and other members of Oracle Partner Network (OPN) to leverage a highly scalable, integrated infrastructure to deliver their applications tuned, tested and optimized for high-performance. With Oracle Exastack, ISVs can reduce the cost, time and support complexities typically associated with building and maintaining a disparate application infrastructure ? allowing them to focus more on their core competencies, accelerating innovation and delivering superior value to customers. Leveraging the Oracle Exastack program, OPN members can use OPN resources and testing to achieve Oracle Exastack Ready and Oracle Exastack Optimized status.

Operation, Implementation and Maintenance of Telecom Egypt's Fault Clearance Centers

Beginning of year 2003 IBM Egypt partnered with MTSIT in a series of consecutive projects to implement Telecom Egypt's national project to establish, operate, and maintain subscribers fault clearance centers.

The system provides database storage capacity of about 15 million records. It has been commonly deployed all over Telecom Egypt's exchanges existing in 27 governorates. The system processes over 120,000 transactions per day and provides services for more than 1600 users.

Partners' Roles in the Project:

IBM Egypt
-Providing the data centers? H/W of systems and equipment
- Developing and implementing the software solutions
- Establishing the LAN & WAN networks connecting the main Data Center created at Shoubra FCC with remaining sites all over Egypt.
- Operation, maintenance & data migration to new platforms using Oracle database 11g and IBM AIX 7.0 Training of users

Telecom Egypt's Records Verification & Purification Contract Contacting Duration: 2005:2007

MTS IT provided the professional and technical services required for Telecom Egypt to implement the following scope:

- Records Verification & Purification solutions to existing Fault Clearance Centers in Cairo
- Data entry operations needed for MTSINV (version2) & RVP software applications
- Interface between current FCC applications and the Field Force automation provided by IBM to Telecom Egypt

System Capacity

The system services the database existing capacity of about 15 million records, and has been commonly deployed all over Telecom Egypt's exchanges existing in 27 governorates.

IBM PO #12 0897 Date: 30/12/2013 (Maintenance - Migration Platform ? New Applications) (Contract date: Dec. 15th/2013 effective throughout Apr. 1st/2017)

IBM maintenance contract in addition to upgrade and migration of current system forms and applications to new platforms

Contract scope includes migrating the current system forms and application to new platform using Oracle database 11g and IBM AIX 7.0. The migration process comprises the following MTSIT modules:

MTS-INV (Network inventory System)
MTS-FMS (Fault Management System)
MTS-WFC (Work Flow Control)
MTS-WFM (Work Force Management System)
MTS-QoS (Quality of service Management system)
MTS-A&C (Administration & Control)
MTS-NEC (NEC Administration)
LTSC administration
LTSC application

The contract scope covers also implementation of the switch interfaces for NGN switches to extend testing functions of subscriber lines served with MSAN new generation network. The interfaces shall enable service tracking and troubleshooting for new customers influencing higher service availability and customer satisfaction.

Telecom Egypt Telegraph Management System Contact Duration: 27/8/2013 to 28/12/2015

MTS-IT developed the system to tracks down all telegraph messages with a proven and secured process handling, starting from message issue request and finished with delivery acknowledgement. The system offers as well all the management tasks for trunk service activities including billing ticket calculations and history of completed calls.

The system also includes a list of pre-designed report templates to provide complete visibility into the system database and lifecycle with comprehensive aggregated reporting along with individual case status tracking. The system reports provide for the decision makers a good preview of system, user, and delivery staff performance

MTS-IT Scope includes:

System integration interfacing with:
Telex international traffic
Telecom Egypt billing system
Avaya Contact center and screen pops
Telecom Egypt's FCC System Application
Installation of Oracle Hardware including Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) and Oracle X86 Servers Training for supervisors

Our system encompasses the following integrated components:
Telegraph manager (MTS-TGM)
Work flow control (MTS-WFC)
Workforce management (MTS-WFM)
Compliant management system (MTS-CMS)
Quality of Service monitor (MTS-QOS)
System Administration
Trunk accounting
System integration interfaces

Ministry of Health & Population Project to Automate the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Functions Through Contract with Novarits Pharma Contract Duration: 20/1/2014 to 30/9/2016

Project Description:
Supply and implementation of the software solutions and hardware components (Oracle Database Appliance ?ODA?) through Contract with Novarits Pharma for the automation of the pharmaceutical supply chain functions delivered to The Ministry of Health & Population along with the associated professional and technical resources to deliver and implement the Project.

MTSIT System components in the project:
Solution S/W modules
Deployment requirements
Maintenance and Support services
Communication links requirements

MTS IT Software Modules include the following:
Needs Collection System including following integrated subsystems:
(Basic Data ? NCR Management ? NCR Monitoring ? Needs Estimation ? System?s Administration)
Purchase management including following integrated subsystems:
(System Configuration ? Contract Management ? Purchase Management ? Workflow and monitoring ? Control Massaging ? Suppliers? Performance ? System Administration

The Ministry of Communication & Information Technology ?MCIT Project to provide, warrantee and upgrade the software licenses required for the Development of current Pharmaceutical Supply Chain System Contract Duration: Mar. 9th/2015 to Mar. 2016

Project's scope include as well:
The Primary Healthcare Units Management Software application complete with related professional and technical resource as well as the supply and installation of Oracle Database Appliance (ODA)
Automation of registration processes in Central administration of Pharmaceutical affairs (CAPA)
Automate the processes in Pharmaceuticals and Biological departments to achieve monitoring of progress of each registration request, streamline process execution inside CAPA, reduce queues and waiting time in each process station and ensure transparency and timely execution of activities.

MTS Solution Include the following fully integrated Modules:
MTS Work Flow Engine (MTSWFC)
Registration Process for pharmaceuticals &
Variation Process for pharmaceuticals & Biological
Registration for export and tenders for pharmaceuticals

ERP System Migration Contract Date: 7/12/2015

Scope included following implementation services:
Consultation Services for Database Installation& Migration
Consultation services for Weblogic and Configuration
Consultation Service for Forms and reports migration
Creation of ADF mobile forms
Consultation Services for Oracle OBIEE installation & Configuration

EuropeAid/137104/IH/SUP/EG - Contract Title: Supply of Laboratory and IT equipment - Contract date: 22/2/2016

Provision & Installation at beneficiaries? sites of Software described in Bill of Quantities (Oracle & Microsoft), and making sure all items are compliant to the specifications offered, the contract annexes, appendixes and deviation sheet.
Provide appropriate Certificate of EU Origin for above items.
Installation of all H/W items of the lot, provided by Bioethic in accordance with Contract Annexes, and SOW.
Provide after-sales assistance for 1 year on all equipment (HW & SW)
Coordinate and help the delivery to the beneficiary institution. Check, during download, that all items mentioned in packing list and pre-shipment inspection report are present, correctly handled and delivered
Provide all installation materials (Connections, cables etc) necessary for installation /commissioning of all goods. After installation /commissioning MTSIT will take all necessary actions to have the Acceptance Certificate for all items signed by the beneficiaries.

(Army Lap) project to implement Contact Center and perform the associated OSS Modules for the front and back office applications Contract Date: 6/2010

Projects Description:

Hasoub as the general contractor to the Army partnered with MTS-IT to deliver the project:

Partners' Roles in the Project:

Providing the necessary hardware equipment

Development and implementation of the front and back office application covering:
MTS Network Inventory
MTS Workflow Control
MTS Work Force Management
MTS Order Management System
MTS Trouble Ticketing - Call Center Front Layer
Training for Instructors

MTSIT Contracts with the Armed Forces Information Technology Dept. for Data Network Upgrade Contract Duration: 2011-2012
MTSIT Contract with Aero Services Egypt to Provide Ground Handling Total Solution (GHTS) Contacting date: 7/2011

The system include following sub-modules: • Ground Handling Definition (GHD)
• Customer Relation Management (CRM)
• Agreement Management System (CMS)
• Flight Management System (FMS)
• Quality Management System (QMS)
• Work Flow Control (WFC) - Administration & Security
• HR management

Licensing and Implementation of MTSRSB Software Solution at Sudatel PSTN Contract Duration: 30/5/2005