• Hive Worx is a complete Field-Force/Workforce management platform designed to suit the needs of large-scale organizations to optimize staff and resources utilization. Hive Worx schedules resources and  provides a map of field skill sets with defined work catalogs. In addition to managing the lifecycle of work assignments or work orders carried out by the workforce. Hive Worx utilizes the latest techniques to provide  advanced scheduling and workforce management features that are accessible to the organization – field  service staffs, field service manager and top executives.

  • The system has been operating successfully at Telecom Egypt as part of the total OSS System and was upgraded recently to MTS Process Designer Engine to automate the operation of trouble tickets receiving and fault clearing at Telecom Egypt’s FCCs, as well as provide management and control over approximately 12000 of TE workforce throughout the processes of complaints handling, and fault clearance for all subscribers’ services of voice and data including ADSL & FTTH networks.

HIVE WORX – Functional features

  •  An integrated and customizable mobile front end for field force that supports field operations, and provide features for :  Tracking workforce  Optimizing routes and navigation capability  Receive of Ad-hoc work orders  Customer signature , field survey photo upload and geo-locations.
  •  A generic and configurable design that :  Accepts multilevel organizational structure  Customizable work order structure  Powerful Skill Set Catalog for field force  Configurable work items, equipment's, service types  State machine based design for tracking and monitoring WOs

Hive Worx system includes:

  • Work order analysis and management
  • Schedule management
  • Assignment and Dispatch
  • Dashboard & reporting and Forecasting
  • Integrated Handheld Application