MTS-ACM is an ATM cash management software used to automate end to end ATM cash cycle starting from forecasting cash demand ending with reconciliation of ATM cash including CIT order management, cash replenishment management, monitoring CIT companies stocks, tracking all ATM transactions, reconciling cash replenishment with ATM transactions and schemes reports and finally building dashboards and reports to monitor overall cash cycle process.

ACM – Functional features

  • Optimize cash levels maintained in each ATM.
  • Increase ATM cash profit and save operation cost.
  • Optimize replenishment trips (Normalize multiple replenishment trips minimize emergency trips)
  • Ensure transparency and timely execution of orders between bank and CIT companies
  • Unify communication channels with different CIT companies and reduce communication overheads
  • Generate alerts for delayed activities based on agreed SLA
  • Automatic ATM reconciliation without discrepancy saves time and cost significantly
  • Reconciliation system work proactively to detect issues and take corrective actions
  • Reconcile off-us transactions against schemes incoming reports resulting in avoiding penalties and support investigation cases
  • Control fraud behavior
  • Build data warehouse for all ATM components and generate high level dashboard and reports to monitor end to end process helping in management decision support
  • Customizable reporting for different level of management

ACM system includes:

  • ATM Cash forecasting System
  • CIT Portal (Order Management)
  • ATM Cash Reconciliation System
  • ATM Cash Monitoring system
  • Reporting System