About MTS-IT

Modern Telecom Systems IT is a System Integrator, Software House, and an IT Consultancy firm. We have been dedicatedly engaged since our inception in developing and upgrading software products implemented in challenging national scale projects where they have proved to be successful, significantly cost effective and superiorly competitive over their equivalent international counterparts.


Believing that, the only constant in the ICT domains of business is change, we are constantly seeking innovation and distinction.

We envision achieving significant impact on the industry, exceeding our clients’ expectations, and excelling in ways others are far behind.

Going Global

After achieving recognized success in national projects in Egypt and the Middle East, we aspire to expand our business globally, attaining further recognition and success on wider scales.


Is dedication to produce the highest quality, superiorly competitive and cost effective S/W solutions developed and tested according to the international standards to ensure quality requirements, evaluation, and service excellence.

We are also committed to provide for our employees a stable and professional work environment in consistency with the international programs for process level improvement, training and appraisal.

Scope of Services

  • S/W Design, Development & Implementation
  • System Integration & Interfacing
  • Applications’ Customization
  • Data Migration
  • Hardware Delivery and Implementation
  • Technical Support
  • Training
  • Maintenance Activities

Awards & Certificates

MTS-IT is Rated as CMMI maturity level 2 by SECC

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MTS-IT is rated as CMMI maturity level 2 by Software Engineering Competence Center (SECC).

What our CMMI maturity level rating means for you:

  • Our work and processes have received the highest form of third-party validation.
  • We manage projects with an established set of practices.
  • We're dedicated to continuous improvement and producing great work that makes a difference.

Oracle’s Exa-Logic & Optimized Certification

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MTSIT is the first company in Egypt to achieve the Exa-Ready and Exa-Optimized certificate for 2 Business suites, namely MTS-RSB and MTS-GHS.

The Oracle Exastack program enables Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to leverage a highly scalable, integrated infrastructure to deliver their applications tuned, tested and optimized for high-performance

Member of the TM Forum

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TM Forum is the global industry association that drives collaboration and collective problem-solving to maximize the business success of communication and digital service providers and their ecosystem of suppliers.


Expertise and Knowledge Are Enhanced by Building-up Strong Partnerships

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