MTSNEC, Test System Controller
There is more to control than just testing. You can realize the state-of the-art testing approach of developing a centralized repair service bureau (RSB), where MTSNEC empowers verifying and sectionalizing network troubles reported for testing and rectification. MTSNEC provides client/server access for subscriber loop testing and stand-alone or integrated systems to qualify your OSP with the tests provided either by external test heads or through the internal test system of the switch or access network management system. Effectively driving DSL pre-qualification testing and influences successful service turn-ups.

Diversity in Technology
Experience the power of interoperability across platforms and vendors, MTSNEC uses multithreading technology to satisfy clients’ requirements. The session handling component uses a group of socket connections to accept and handle client’s demands and route them to the specified technologies relevant to handle these types of requests. MTSNEC includes runtime loaded drivers to communicate with various technologies (Tollgrade-LTS, Lucent, Nortel, Siemens, Alcatel, Ericsson and ZTE).

Enjoy the Power of Flexibility
MTSNEC enables its users to configure new test resources to cope with various technologies. These data should be saved in the NEC fixed data definition screen.