MTS BPM solution “Business Process Maestro” is a generic workflow engine that supports the automation of any business process, in whole or parts, where documents, information or tasks are passed from one participant to another to be processed according to a set of procedural rules.

Solution Features
• Maestro follows Workflow Management Coalition standard including XPDL, BPMN & DMN.
• Graphical workflow designer that enables business owner to represent his business processes graphically based on XPDL, BPMN and DMN standards.
• Generic workflow engine that can implement any business process.
• Dynamic form builder that is customized according to business process needs.
• Multiple business process workflow patterns including sequential, parallel and synchronized patterns.
• Enable multiple task assignment techniques including manual assignment, Group assignment, load balancing, circular and random assignment.
• Enable document workflow.
• Event-driven built-in framework for alerts.
• Alert and escalate delayed activities to different levels of management.
• Security handling and complex organizational structure definition.
• Business process performance measuring and monitoring.
• Monitor and audit the timeline of execution.
• Periodic reporting.
• Work tracking and logging (Audit Trail).
• Ability to interface with external system using standard interfacing techniques including but not limited to Mobile Applications, GIS Systems, IoTs, etc.
• Mobility Support.
• Cross platform operating at various operating systems and\or database engines.
• Cluster support enabling high availability and load balancing.
• Web-based solution deployed on a central server.
• Multilingual support.

Maestro Components

Process Designer is a generic graphical tool used to design any business process and defines process description based on a formal process definition language (XPDL) and a set of routing commands to transfer information between participating users and defines all necessary information about the process to enable it to be executed by the workflow engine.

Form Builder is a development utility used to build business processes customized forms managing process execution and defining process system configuration and specialized metadata while providing a drag and drop user-friendly form builder to quickly create process UI forms

Workflow Engine is the main service working in the background that interprets the process description, controls the instantiation of processes, controls process execution and the flow of instances through different business process activities, adds work items to the user work lists, invokes application tools, manages process security and communication and generates process monitoring, auditing and reporting

Work list includes user's task list containing pending tasks (work items) assigned to a specific user by the workflow engine waiting for an input that can be provided by the users to move process to next activity (Approval of vacation request for example). User manages process execution through task list.

Process Tracking enables users to track the current progress of different process instances. Users can know the status of the instance as it moves through the workflow and identifies the late instance in a certain queue.

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