MTS Scope of Activities

MTS Networks is a Class "A" telecom contractor as ranked by the Egyptian Federation of Construction & Building Contractors. Accordingly we have been engaged in successful turnkey projects of sizable magnitude in Egypt and Sudan guided by abundant and in-depth field experience and comprehensive knowledge of the telecom industry. We are one of the few companies in the region with the proper capabilities and knowhow to take full responsibility for all aspects of telephone networks, and have become accredited as a qualified contractor in the implementation of the most dense and intricate telephone networks.

MTS Networks offers excelled performance, and cost effective turnkey solutions. We undertake the Implementation of all kinds of telephone and data network projects such as; copper & optical fiber networks, fiber to home (FTTH), CDMA, installation and commissioning of transmission equipment & muti-service access nodes (MSAN), operation and maintenance activities, as well as Avaya voice solutions (Integral Enterprise – Unified Communications - IP Telephony) and Data Networks.

MTS IT Oracle Gold Partner, is a software house and system integrator, and one of the prior Egyptian companies to provide total OSS solutions (MTS-RSB system has been operating successfully as Telecom Egypt’s Operational Support Systems since 2003). MTSIT has acquired the proper methodical knowhow and extensive experience in software design and development, client-server applications, network testing, incident management, and applications' customization to satisfy our client’s requirements and exceed for future expansions.

MTS IT has been designing, developing, and implementing OSS Solutions for the Telecom operators, as well as providing major integrated solutions for multi-task organizations and enterprises in the domains of; Healthcare (Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Systems), Aviation Service Management (Ground Handling Services automation), Banking (ATM Network Management Solution) utilizing Web-based applications and Oracle as Gold Partner & Achiever of Exa-Optimization Certification