• In Business Since 1985

    MTS has been diligently striving to provide unparalleled value to Clients through diversified range of progressive, proactive and cost effective solutions in virtually all aspects of the telecommunication & IT industry guided by outstanding qualifications of staff and management, extensive expertise, backed by dedication and integrity as the innate slogan of our company.

  • MTS IT Diversified Business

    MTS IT business expends to include sectors such as; Telecom Operators & ISP’s (MTS OSS "Operation Support Total Solution", MTS GIS "Geographic Information System", MTS NEC "Network Testing and trouble shooting", & MTS TMS "Telegraph Management System"), Healthcare Providers (Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Solutions, Automation of registration processes & Tender Management Solution), Airports’ management (MTS Aviation Service Management & Ground Handling Services’ Automation), Banking Networks (MTS ATM Network Management) & Document Management System (MTS DMS).

  • MTS Entity

    A Telecom & IT Egyptian shareholding company have effectively been in business since 1985. in 2004, MTS was divided into two independent, self-regulated shareholding companies; MTS IT ((a software house, system integrator, and Telecom & IT consultant) & MTS-Networks (networking and infrastructure contractor).

  • MTS IT Oracle Gold Partner

    Achiever of Exa-Optimization Certification MTS IT is the first company in Egypt to achieve the Exa-Ready and Exa-Optimized Certification for 2 copyright Business Suites, namely MTSRSB (operational as Telecom Egypt’s OSS System since 2003), and MTSGHS (Airport Ground Handing Services Solutions).

MTS IT Ranking & Scope of Activities

MTS IT has been designing, developing, and implementing total OSS Solutions for the Telecom operators, as well as providing major integrated solutions for multi-task organizations and enterprises in the domains of; Healthcare, (Automation of; Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Processes, Registration Process, and Tendering Management system), Aviation Service Management (MTS Ground Handling Services automation), Banking (MTS ATM Network Management Solution), and Document Management Solution (MTS DMS) utilizing Web-based applications and Oracle as Gold Partner & Achiever of Exa-Optimization Certification

MTS IT Oracle Gold Partner, a software house and system integrator, and one of the prior Egyptian companies to provide total OSS solutions (MTS-RSB system has been operating successfully as Telecom Egypt’s Operational Support Systems since 2003). MTS IT has acquired the proper methodical knowhow and extensive experience in software design and development, client-server applications, network testing, incident management, and applications' customization to satisfy our client’s requirements and exceed for future expansions. Read more

In the IT domain of business, the only constant is change, and innovation. We are constantly seeking novelty and uniqueness. We participate in nationwide projects where we can make a significant impact on the society and the IT industry which make it possible for us to excel in a way that others are way behind. Our motto is “we don’t settle for anything that is less than perfect and most satisfying for our clients”
We also deeply care about taking things global and making a difference in the IT & Telecom Industry. After achieving recognized success in Egypt, Sudan, and Yemen, MTS IT aspires to explore further horizons and expand its business to other countries all over the world aiming to attain further recognition and realize resounding success on wider scales.

Every industrious corporate has a persistent mission. Ours is, harmonizing the needs of our clients and empowering them to achieve further beyond their targets. We are committed to increase the value of our portfolio by maintaining operational excellence in every segment of our company to exceed our customers’ expectations.
We are dedicating sincere efforts to provide unparalleled value to clients through a diversified range of progressive, proactive & responsive solutions in virtually all aspects of the telecommunication & IT industry guided by commitment & integrity..