About MTS

MTS IT as a software house and system integrator has been dedicatedly engaged since its inception in developing and upgrading software products that has been implemented in challenging nationwide projects and proved successful, essentially valuable to Teleco’s operators and major healthcare providers, significantly cost effective and superiorly competitive over its equivalent international counterparts. MTS IT is one of the prior Egyptian companies to provide total OSS Solutions including; S/W Applications as well as Operators & Systems’ Users Training on Nationwide Scale.

MTS IT as Oracle Gold Partner has gained extensive experience and acquired the proper methodical knowhow in software development, client/server applications and telecommunication networks’ testing, that has been utilized for over two decades in public sector in Egypt including Telecom Egypt, the Ministry of Health and Population “MOHP”, the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology “MCIT”, the Ministry of Industry, Trade and SMEs, The Egyptian Armed Forces IT Department, as well as other private sector agencies and large scale organizations.

Our Scope

MTS IT is one of the prior Egyptian companies to provide total OSS Solutions including:
National scale customized applications, Operators & Systems’ User Training.
Our End to End Scope of Services in IT Projects Include:

Software Development:

● S/W Design (including business analysis - system design & customization), S/W Development & Implementation
● System Integration & Interfacing
● Applications’ Customization
● Data Migration
● Hardware Delivery and Implementation
● Technical Support
● Training
● Maintenance Activities

Outsourcing Services cover the following activities:

● S/W development
● Database Administration
● Business Analysis
● Technical Consultancy Services
● Quality Assurance Services Testing
● Application Migration
● Application Support

Consulting & Outsourcing Services:
MTS IT provides its customers with unique consulting and outsourcing services formulated from technical and management field experience services including:

● Technical consultation:
    Quality assurance, Performance tuning and enhancement, Hardware and Environment sizing
● Management consultation:
    National scale projects planning, Monitoring and Evaluation of projects’ Implementation Preparing tender documents,
    Terms of Reference, Resources structure and assignments.

MTS IT Scope in Inside Plant Projects:
MTS IT have the potentials and knowhow to provide a wide spectrum of Installation & Commissioning Services including:

● Conducting field surveys
● Projects’ planning
● Systems’ design
● Procurement, integration, testing, and construction activities
● Equipment Installation
● Perform acceptance tests
● Pre-commissioning and cutover for projects whose scope contain any combination of Data Switching
● Equipment, Fiber and Transmission Equipment, Telephone Switching Equipment.
● Operation and maintenance

MTS IT Scope Outside Plant Projects:

● Management
     (Human Resources Management - Scope Management - Integration Management - Time Management - Cost Management - Quality Management - Communications Management - Risk       Management - Procurement Management).
● Consultation
     (Pre-feasibility Studies - Feasibility Studies including Conceptual Designs - Detailed Engineering Designs and preparation of Tender Documents - Procurement - Contract Administration -      Project Management - Technical Services - Dispute Resolution Services - Technical Advisory Services).

MTS IT The first company in Egypt to achieve the Exa-Ready and Exa-Optimized Certification for two Business suites, namely MTS-RSB (MTS Remote Service Bureau) and MTS-GHS (MTS Ground Handling Services). The certification enables our business solutions to leverage a highly scalable, integrated infrastructure to deliver our applications tuned, tested and optimized for highest performance. With Oracle Exastack, certified vendors can reduce the cost, time and support complexities typically associated with building and maintaining a disparate application infrastructure, allowing them to focus more on their core competencies, accelerating innovation and delivering superior value to customers.

MTS IT has developed and owns the proprietary rights of the following software products that has proved to be of essential operational value particularly to Telco’s operators, healthcare providers, and airport management. These include MTS-RSB (MTS Remote Service Bureau), MTS-NVP (Network Verification & Purification Package), MTS-NEC (MTS Network Element Controller), MTS-NMS (ATM Network Management System), MTS-GHS (Aircraft Ground Handling Solution, MTS-DMS (Document Management Systems), MTS GIS System (Geographical Information System in Partnership with Telenavis Europe), MTS Healthcare System (Operational Support and Management System)